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Understanding Algae

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Proactive Pool Winterization: How to Prevent Crystals

The Vision of the Ultimate Pool

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How to Add Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarb to a Swimming Pool

The Orenda Startup™ is about the LSI, Not Just Calcium

What is a Hot Start?

What Causes a High pH in a Swimming Pool?

The Orenda Purge Dose

Minimal CYA (Pillar 4)

Phosphate Removal (Pillar 3)

Organic Waste and Carbon Management (Pillar 2)

LSI Balance and Calcium Management (Pillar 1)

The Four Pillars of Proactive Pool Care

Wildfires and Swimming Pools

NSF/ANSI Standard 50 and the MAHC

3 Types of Calcium Dust in Swimming Pools

Why does Soda Ash cloud up pool water?

How to Reduce Cyanuric Acid (CYA) in a Swimming Pool

Leave It Better Than You Found It

Phosphates, Algae, and Chlorine Demand

Nitrates, Nitrites and Urea in Swimming Pools

How to install a feed pump on a swimming pool

Blue Moon Pools | Orenda Customer Spotlight

Four Things to do When you Open a Pool with Crystals in it

LSI First. Range Chemistry Second.

Honesty in Water Chemistry Testing

Pool Chemistry During the Winter

What is Alkalinity?

How to add calcium chloride to a swimming pool

ORP and LSI: The Future of Water Chemistry

Five things to know about Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

Calcium: The Most Misunderstood Chemistry in the Pool Business

Different Types of Phosphates

Avoid Instant Gratification

Heavy Metals: Oxidation and Metal Staining

Before Firing a Pool Technician, Read This

Understanding Breakpoint Chlorination

Carbonate Alkalinity vs. Corrected Alkalinity

How Swimming Pool Enzymes Work

Pool turned green from copper and a chlorine shock

Calcium Crystals vs. Scale

Pool Filter Channeling

How to Use the Orenda App

An Overloaded Warm-Up Pool

Pool Sanitizers, Part 2: Chlorine Alternatives

Pool Sanitizers, Part 1: Chlorine

Cold Water and the LSI

What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?

Change We Can Relieve In - Addressing Urine in Pools

Test the Tap Water. Water Chemistry Starts at the Tap.

I knew nothing about pool plaster. So I went to the NPC Show.

Understanding Calcium Hardness

The NSPF and APSP Merged

Refurbishing a sand filter vs. Replacing filter sand

What Does NSF Certification Mean?

Understanding ORP: Oxidation Reduction Potential

Understanding LSI: The Langelier Saturation Index

Swimmers Pee in the Pool

Protect Pool Plaster with LSI Balance from the Start

The Cyanuric Acid Limit for Public Swimming Pools

World Class Water Clarity

Total Alkalinity vs. pH, and Their Roles in Water Chemistry

Pool IAQ interview with Keith Coursin, Desert Aire

Scum Lines Matter

History of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | Part 2

History of Indoor Pool Air Quality (IAQ) | Part 1

Green Pool, Yet No Phosphates

Carbonate Scale: The Hardened Truth

Salt Pools: The Truth about Salt Generated Chlorine

Backwashing Sand Filters

What are Chloramines?

Why we treat our water with Enzymes

Why I Value Clean Water

Phosphates in Pools

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