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What raises and lowers individual pool chemistry factors?

When troubleshooting a swimming pool, it helps to know what can cause individual chemistry factors to increase and decrease. This article is an overview of the most common chemistries we measure in swimming pools, and what causes their levels to change up or down.

We have also included a Rule Your Pool Podcast episode for each factor we talk about in this article. 

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What Causes a High pH in a Swimming Pool?

It happens all the time. Swimming pool pH climbs, or sometimes spikes, and all sorts of problems like calcium dust and carbonate scale can occur. But what causes high pH in pools? Why does the pH sometimes climb, and other times stay relatively steady? In this article, we will discuss pH and how it shifts, and offer some remedies to correct the pH, based on each situation.

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What is Alkalinity?

Total Alkalinity (TA) often gets confused with pH and words like alkali and alkaline. This topic is widely misunderstood in the pool industry. Most of us know how to test for TA, but may not know what it actually is, what it does, and why it's important.

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