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History of Indoor Pool Air Quality (IAQ) | Part 1

August 26, 2016
Indoor air quality problems are usually equated to chloramine issues. Airborne chloramines are...

Hydrogen Peroxide turned the #RioOlympics diving pool Green

August 17, 2016
This article is a follow-up to our last article about the Rio Olympic diving pool turning green...

Why did the #RioOlympics diving pool turn green overnight?

August 12, 2016
The Olympic diving pool turned green overnight  

Green Pool, Yet No Phosphates

August 3, 2016
When a pool flips green, and is loaded with algae, usually there is a tried-and-true clean up...

Carbonate Scale: The Hardened Truth

August 1, 2016
Carbonate Scale is a buildup of hardened calcium carbonate (CaCO3) on pool surfaces or...

Salt Pools: The Truth about Salt Generated Chlorine

July 21, 2016
Given the popularity of salt chlorine generators in residential and commercial pools, it is...

Backwashing Sand Filters

June 21, 2016
What is Backwashing? A stunning number of pool operators ask us about backwashing. Of all the...

What are Chloramines?

June 19, 2016
Chloramines are chemical byproducts of chlorine oxidizing nitrogen-based compounds in water....

Why we treat our water with Enzymes

June 11, 2016
Chlorine is primarily a sanitizer. It's secondary role in pool chemistry is oxidation of other...

Why I Value Clean Water

June 5, 2016
I have spent a good chunk of my life in the water as a competitive swimmer. I estimate that I’ve...

Phosphates in Pools

May 23, 2016
Phosphates in pool water have become a big problem, yet the topic is largely misunderstood or...
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