How to Use the Orenda App

The Orenda App and Orenda Calculator™ are some of the most widely-used tools in the pool industry. Here's an overview on how to use them.

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An Overloaded Warm-Up Pool

The following is a true story, exactly the way I remember it. Not that I could ever forget my time in that tiny warmup pool...

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Pool Sanitizers, Part 2: Chlorine Alternatives

While chlorine is the most commonly-used residual sanitizer in the world, there are some alternatives. But not every chlorine alternative is capable of doing everything chlorine does, nor is it capable of doing the job as well as chlorine does. Free chlorine is the most popular sanitizer for a reason. That said, here are some non-chlorine alternative sanitizers.

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Pool Sanitizers, Part 1: Chlorine


Chlorine is the most popular sanitizer/disinfectant used in swimming pools. This article covers the different types of chlorine and how to use them. We will link out to more in-depth articles for each type of chlorine (eventually).

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Cold Water and the LSI

After the initial fill/startup, the vast majority of damage done to a swimming pool occurs during the winter. This is because cold water lowers the LSI, making water more aggressive. In other words, etching and corrosion are more likely to happen in cold water.

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What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?

Pools get cloudy for a number of reasons. This article will discuss several of them, but keep in mind you could have a combination of these factors going on. If you need further guidance, contact us, or request an online training with us.

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I knew nothing about pool plaster. So I went to the NPC Show.

I have never plastered a pool in my life. In fact, until this week, I had never even seen pool plaster being applied. To be honest, I did not even know the difference between plaster, cement, gunite, concrete, shotcrete, or any other type of -crete. Because of this utter lack of knowledge and experience, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this year's National Plasterers Council (NPC) annual conference in New Orleans.

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Understanding Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is one of the most important factors in water chemistry, and swimming pool chemistry especially. It is one of the six LSI factors, and because it does not fluctuate much, we love using calcium hardness as a foundation for water balance. Let's discuss why.

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The NSPF and APSP Merged

The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance

In January 2019, the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) merged with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and became the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. 

We have revised this article, which was originally written as a guest blog by the NSPF itself. Now we want to showcase the new organization and what it offers the industry. And as far as we can tell, both the NSPF and APSP still maintain their original websites and content, including guest articles from Orenda and others.

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