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Understanding Borates in Pool Chemistry

The use of borates in swimming pools dates back several decades, though the recent popularity of borates makes them seem new and cutting-edge. While we at Orenda do not endorse the use of borates, they are becoming more widely used. Because borates impact the LSI, we have included borates in our Orenda App 3.0 update. And since borates are in our calculator, we're here to explain what they are and how they work in this article.

This article does not contain dosing information, and neither does the Orenda App. If you choose to use borates, consult dosing information elsewhere.1

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Pool Volume and Water Flow Meters

There's no match for knowing exactly how much water a pool contains, including the plumbing system. So in this article, we're going to make the case for using a water flow meter when filling (or refilling) a swimming pool.

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Pool Chemical Shortages in 2022

Just like 2021, supply-chain and labor shortages are causing uncertainty in the economy. But amidst the unknowns, a few things are certain, and this article is here to help you plan for them and adapt accordingly.

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Conductivity and Saltwater Pools

In this article, we discuss how salinity and water temperature affect saltwater pools; specifically how they affect the performance of a salt-chlorine generator.

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Standardizing Pool Chemistry

We have recently noticed that most swimming pool service companies we speak to do not have a well-defined, standardized operating procedure (SOP) for water chemistry. Regardless of the number of pools the company services, we believe all service companies can benefit from standardizing a few things. This article will explain why.

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Tannins and Organic Staining in Pools

What causes organic staining in swimming pools? Why do leaves, pine needles, acorns, berries and other plant droppings stain pool surfaces? The answer to both questions is tannins, and this article will explain more.

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Orenda's 2021 Year in Review

It was another odd year in the world, and at Orenda, we thought a recap is in order. If we could choose two words to summarize 2021 in the swimming pool industry, they would be inflation and consolidation.It all started in...

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Are Concrete Pools Waterproof?

Most people probably think swimming pools are waterproof. You might be surprised to learn that most pools are not actually waterproof. Sure, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools are, or at least should be. But in-ground concrete pools are not. In this article, let's discuss the process of waterproofing for concrete pools, and if waterproofing is necessary for your pool.

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The Chemistry of a Pool Party

Hosting a pool party? You might want to be aware of the challenges your pool will need to overcome. But no worries, we've got you covered in this article.

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