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Leave It Better Than You Found It

July 28, 2018
My grandfather has a few rules that go unquestioned and are universally obeyed. One of them is...

Phosphates, Algae, and Chlorine Demand

July 28, 2018
Phosphates are talked about in the pool industry, but what do they actually do? This article is...

Understanding Nitrates and Nitrites

July 28, 2018
Nitrates, Nitrites and other Ammonia-based compounds can be confusing. This article is our...

How to install a feed pump on a swimming pool

May 2, 2018

Customer Spotlight: Blue Moon Pools and the Orenda Startup

April 26, 2018

Four Things to do When you Open a Pool with Crystals in it

April 2, 2018
What are you going to do if you remove a winter pool cover and find calcium crystals in the...

LSI First. Range Chemistry Second.

March 10, 2018
What if Range Chemistry is the wrong thing to focus on?

Honesty in Water Testing

January 15, 2018
If you're not testing, you're just guessing Water testing is too often rushed and overlooked in...

Pool Winterization Water Chemistry

December 18, 2017
                Click for sound            

What is Alkalinity? A Beginner's Guide

November 23, 2017
Alkalinity is one of the primary things measured in water chemistry. But what is it? Total...

How to add calcium chloride to a swimming pool

November 20, 2017
How should we add calcium chloride to a swimming pool? How can we make sure we're handling it...

ORP and LSI: The Future of Water Chemistry

October 30, 2017
ORP and LSI are not emphasized enough Way back in 1984 I founded my service and repair company,...
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