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Understanding Calcium Sulfate Scale Crystals

Do you have sharp crystals in your swimming pool? Depending on your circumstances, they may not be calcium carbonate (aka calcite). They could be calcium sulfate crystals. This article will explain what calcium sulfate is, how and why it forms crystals in swimming pools, and how to prevent it.

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What raises and lowers individual pool chemistry factors?

When troubleshooting a swimming pool, it helps to know what can cause individual chemistry factors to increase and decrease. This article is an overview of the most common chemistries we measure in swimming pools, and what causes their levels to change up or down.

We have also included a Rule Your Pool Podcast episode for each factor we talk about in this article. 

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Swimming Pool Recovery after a Hurricane

Hurricanes are devastating forces of nature, and they are not to be underestimated. When discussing this topic, we are mindful of how serious hurricanes are and that they destroy people's homes and livelihoods. This article aims to answer common questions we get during hurricane season, particularly about how to recover a swimming pool in the aftermath of a hurricane.

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Good Enough is the Enemy of Great

Anyone can be decent at what they do. Anyone can do the bare minimum and be "good enough." But this way of thinking often prevents people from being great. Being great requires a different mindset entirely.

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Understanding Borates in Pool Chemistry

The use of borates in swimming pools dates back several decades, though the recent popularity of borates makes them seem new and cutting-edge. While we at Orenda do not endorse the use of borates, they are becoming more widely used. Because borates impact the LSI, we have included borates in our Orenda App 3.0 update. And since borates are in our calculator, we're here to explain what they are and how they work in this article.

This article does not contain dosing information, and neither does the Orenda App. If you choose to use borates, consult dosing information elsewhere.1

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Pool Volume and Water Flow Meters

There's no match for knowing exactly how much water a pool contains, including the plumbing system. So in this article, we're going to make the case for using a water flow meter when filling (or refilling) a swimming pool.

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Pool Chemical Shortages in 2022

Just like 2021, supply-chain and labor shortages are causing uncertainty in the economy. But amidst the unknowns, a few things are certain, and this article is here to help you plan for them and adapt accordingly.

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