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Pool Filter Channeling

Seasoned pool operators know the triad of great pool water: filtration, circulation and chemistry. Without effective filtration, there will be problems... and filter channeling undermines filtration.

When sand filters become overloaded or otherwise compromised, water must still find its way through the filter. The water pressure can eventually force its way around the sand (or a channel through it), creating a new path of least resistance for water to travel. Filter channeling is a problem that almost guarantees cloudy pool water, as the channel itself is like a highway for larger particles to travel and bypass the filter media.

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Backwashing Sand Filters

What is Backwashing?

A stunning number of pool operators ask us about backwashing. Of all the topics in pool operation, one would think backwashing is fairly straight-forward. When the pressure in the filters gets to a certain point, backwash. Right? Well, as it turns out, that's not what pool operators—especially inexperienced ones—ask us. It's not about 'how' or 'when' to backwash. It's more like...

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