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From green to blue water within three hours

March 11, 2014

A recently-refilled pool at a resort had a problem. A big problem.

When they returned flow to their heat exchanger, the water was getting greener by the minute. Something had changed, and they didn't know what. So they called Orenda specialist Monica Stamper.

"I was in Hawaii at the time, and I got this panicked phone call at 4:00am [local time]: 'Help!'...It was difficult to diagnose the problem over the phone, but when they told me what their pipes were made of, it all made sense," remembers Monica.

Heavy Metal

copper metal stain

As it turns out, their pool had 10-foot long runs of new copper    pipes on both the influent and effluent sides of their plate heat    exchanger. When water flows through copper pipes (and many other metals), traces of the metal can get dissolved into the water. It's a similar problem to Flint, Michigan's drinking water crisis--albeit only a fraction of severity.

  Plumbers often use copper pipes for hot water

Metal pipes tend to pollute water until scale is built up within them. In small doses, metals are not a big deal for pool operators or patrons; this amount of metal, however, was. Copper, when it oxidized and over-saturated in the water can turn a pool green.

 Most metal control products in the pool industry are phosphate-based...but not ours. Orenda SC-1000 Scale & Metal Control is non-phosphate based, and can still address the issues that metal pipes bring about.

Clean up: from green to blue water 

sc1000, SC-1000, orenda sequest, orenda scale and metal control, orenda startup product

within three hours 

 Orenda SC-1000 is an effective metal sequest that does not conflict with phosphate removers

The customer ran their pool for 45 minutes, then noticed green residue on top of their filter bed. So they backwashed the system. When it was all said and done, 4 gallons of SC-1000 and 2 gallons of CV-600 enzymes were put in, plus four backwashes (approximately 2800 gallons).
"I recommended isolating their heat exchanger, and adding two gallons of Orenda's SC-1000, and one gallon of
CV-600" Monica recalls.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Their 30,000 gallon pool went from green to blue water within three hours. Clean water means happy customers, and most importantly, happy patrons.

clean blue water The customer's pool went from green to blue in under three hours

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